The Power of Painting
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The figure rises triumphantly in a golden light.  Rich with luminosity and reflective textures  She stands strong and confident before the magical landscape that unfolds around her.   Her.  This moment is a glorious and perpetual. 

In this composition I wanted the feeling of looking up at her , as I am want to do and down, beyond her at the same time.  I see the mystery fall off into the atmosphere around her. 

She is suspended in the greatness of the golden hour.  She is wearing a crystal which is symbolic of balance and our connection to the Earth.  It is charged with the beauty of nature.  The source.  This life size figure was created on the island of Kauai, with Waimea Canyon inspiring the background and her beautiful mystery, my muse. 

The Ascending Myth is to realize that you are not the eye that sees, nor the ear that hears but behind that, in between that, you are the the one who is aware you are seeing, not what, but that, you are.

Painting has the Power to remind us.

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