The Power of Painting
The Power of Painting
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MOONLINE by Brandon Kralik

oil, 70 x 50cm

The moon rises to full per when the time is right, and wanes when it needs to.  We rise and fall like the tides and in spite of what we think we need, what we need springs forth from inside of us to keep us walking our talk, achieving new heights and moving through our lives with grace and balance.  Call it what you will, this intuition, this divine intelligence, this god, is the source of life's balance.  It is the source that is you. 

It is the light and it is the shadow and somewhere in between we find our hero perched in what at first may seem like a precarious position, but if we are able to see through the hero's eyes we know that our cool steady direction, our purity of intent, and our self control is keep us on our chosen path and headed toward our ultimate success.


Moonline by Brandon Kralik  oil on panel   70 x 50 cm