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Brandon Kralik  ‘“Young Shaman at the Canyon”   oil on linen,  70 x 70 cm

“The function of the artist is the mythologization of the environment and the world...the mythmakers of earlier days were the counterparts of our artists.  The Shaman in earlier cultures is represented by the poets in ours. The Shaman is the person, male or female, who in their late childhood or early youth has an overwhelming phsycological experience that turns hthem totally inward.  The whole unconscious opens up and the shaman falls in.  This has been described many, many times and occurs in tribal mythologies from Siberia to Tierra del Fuego.”

-Joseph Campbell

This young shaman represents the seeker, our curiosity, the eternal question, the great mystery.  The Shaman in traditional societies goes where nobody else goes and comes back with a new myth for society.

There are answers in the wind.

There are canyons, symbolic of the challenges we face.  The unknown. The beauty of the vast, both alluring and dangerous.  How precariously close to the edge we have come, some even venture beyond this point.  Through our strength and quest for the truth we prevail to become the wiser.



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