The Power of Painting
The Power of Painting
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Hope and Balance

by Brandon Kralik

oil, 70 x 50cm

Aristotle called Hope a waking dream, and in this dream may our daily individual actions be balanced. May our collective actions be balanced.

Fukushima was built on a fault line.
and everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

We must do better than this.

On one level human beings are doing things that all of those that came before us hardly dared to dream of and at the same time there are careless steps being taken by some that may darken everyone's liberty, everything's very existence.

Let us go forward and walk with balance. Let us achieve our potentials and reach new levels of clarity, focus and cooperation.

Great paintings can evoke a sense of awareness and sing us back into balance, slowly emanating their wisdom when you come near, when you are within sight.

Awaken to Hope and Balance. The dream of the day.


Hope and Balance by Brandon Kralik  oil on panel   70 x 50 cm